You are here because you want to make a change. And you are at the right place. Volunteering is more than helping to improve and impact the lives of the needy. It is also about bringing some much needed cheer and relief to them. It is through the time and care of ordinary and altruistic people like you that we can do extraordinary things!

If you would like to be more involved with WWGem and experience the power of humanity, sign up to be a member!

Membership to WWGem is open to anyone who adheres to the principles of WWGem. Members have the responsibility of ensuring a well functioning society by serving in various capacities within the Council, operating committees, and/or advisory panels.

Ordinary Membership


Membership for Individual 

Pledge donation

Platinum $200 per month/ $2000 per year 

Gold $100 per month/ $1000 per year

Silver $50 per month/ $500 per year


You need to be at least 18 years old and above in order to sign up as an Ordinary Member (OM).

All newly signed up OM are required to be formally accepted by the Council.

Council & Voting Rights

An Ordinary Member has the responsibility to ensure a well-functioning Society. He / She will be invited to attend Annual General Meetings, are able to  stand for election, speak, vote, nominate, and hold elective office in the Council and Operating Committees or Advisory Panels.

Volunteering Opportunities


Ordinary Members can volunteer for the various services of the WWGem such as Sanitary PadAid, FoodAid, etc.


  • Assist in general duties in areas such as administrative or logistical assistance

  • Assist in WWGem events (Care Childrens’ Day Gift Away, Youth Club, Mighty Moms Programme, Enterprising Gems, etc)

Training & Development

Skill Training

Relevant skill training may be offered by the respective service departments as part of specific training that induct you into your volunteering roles.

Leadership Training

Active Volunteers / Members may be nominated to attend a 1-Day Humanitarian Training held annually.

Welcome Gift

We are proud to present you with a membership kit:

  1. Your own personalised membership card
  2. WWGem collaterals
  3. A WWGem apparel to wear when performing voluntary services
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